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Want to borrow the best talent
from other companies?



Introducing the UK's first talent sharing marketplace

Upskill your workforce with bespoke external secondments your people will love, and get reimbursed for their salary

ditto is designed for organisations that want to develop their people, affordably. We all know that nothing beats on-the-job experiences. That's why we match your people to curated secondment opportunities in other organisations.

No nonsense agreements

Effortless Set-up

Managed salary reimbursement 

Access a new highly-skilled talent pool

Companies that upskill through ditto also gain access to our other organisations' talent. We help close your own skills gaps through a new, affordable temporary staffing solution

No nonsense agreements

Vouched for talent

3.5x cheaper than temps

The future is talent sharing

At ditto, we’re normalising talent sharing.


Why? Because organisations embracing talent sharing unlock phenomenal increases in their employee's capability, productivity, engagement and retention.


What We Offer

ditto makes talent sharing easy. We connect companies together and simplify the set up of secondments. There’s no change to employee employment contracts, or pay, and we support them every step of the way. When you loan out talent we manage the salary reimbursement, making the whole thing highly cost effective

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A wealth of opportunities 

ditto curates personalised opportunities for employees, to ensure they're getting the best learning and development out there.


The best candidates

We only share high quality candidates who are vouched for by their current employer.


24/7 support

Our team of experts is available 24/7 to provide comprehensive support, from sign-up, to onboarding, and even salary reimbursements.


Intelligent automation

Our platform is enriched with intelligent automation tools that help organisations share talent more efficiently, saving vital time and resources.

Get ready to take your organisation's talent to the next level with ditto's innovative platform.

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