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Community guidelines

Hey! Welcome to ditto 👋
We’re a members only secondments marketplace on a mission to normalise companies sharing talent with each other. In order to achieve this, we make it simple, safe and affordable for all ditto members to loan and/or borrow employees. ditto is a talent sharing ecosystem that is governed by a single, transparent and fair framework - the ditto terms of business. 
By agreeing to our terms of business you also agree to these Community Guidelines. Below we outline how we expect all our clients and their employees to conduct themselves whilst engaging with ditto. This ensures ditto is a positive, safe and mutually beneficial platform to share talent. 
Our overarching philosophy is based on trust, respect and always “doing the right thing”.

Things to do
Be respectful 👍

  • We’re a large community of many types of people, working in different sectors & industries for a huge variety of companies. Regardless of our differences, everyone using ditto has the right to feel comfortable, so please be polite and respectful when interacting with others

  • Whilst we primarily provide our services to businesses, we are an employee-centric company and our priority is safeguarding employees and ensuring they are respected and treated fairly. If you are seen to be mistreating an employee or taking advantage of another clients' employee, we will not hesitate to remove you from the platform and we encourage everyone to self-govern this philosophy and to flag any misconduct to us directly and immediately

Be honest

  • For our platform and services to work best, we rely on all our members being truthful and accurate. This is especially true when inputting data and information relating to employees and/or secondment opportunities or providing feedback. As a member of ditto you can benefit from loaning out or borrowing in talent, we ask that you act and treat others in the way you wish to be treated when on the opposite side of a secondment agreement 

Be understanding 

  • ditto is a platform created by people (us!), used by people (clients) and focussed on sharing people (employees). All people have inherently complex lives that are full of surprises. We ask that you adhere to the terms of business but if necessary be understanding in unforeseen situations 

Communication is key! 💬

  • Ensure you communicate effectively with your employees in relation to secondments - it is a big change and is as much their decision. Employees should never and cannot be made to go on secondment 

  • Ensure you communicate all relevant and important information with other ditto members. For example if an employee has substantial time booked off during a proposed secondment it should be communicated early so decisions are made with all required information - again, think how would you like to be treated in the same situation 

  • When you match with another ditto member, prioritise fast and clear communication. For example, if you interview an employee, provide clear and useful feedback as soon as possible - regardless of the outcome. Similarly, if you interview for an opportunity as an employee and don’t think it’s right, please say so 

  • If you think you need to recall an employee from a secondment early, you must abide by the agreed secondment details but inform the Host Receiver as soon as possible. Respect the efforts they’ve made to onboard your employee as well as the upheaval this will have on your employee who might also be disappointed

  • Similarly, if one of your employees on secondment communicates they have an issue - perhaps they haven’t settled as easily as they’d hoped - we expect you to support your employee as you would normally and to partner with the Receiving Host to make them feel comfortable - we believe honest and transparent communication is the best solution and we can help too

  • If as an employee you are struggling or have an issue or question whilst on secondment, let your Home Employer know in the first instance. They will help support you in partnership with your Host Contact. You can always tell/ask us directly at and we will be happy to support you with anything you need as well - 24/7.

Things not to do

  • Do not introduce employees to the platform you know to have current or historic performance issues that would make a secondment unlikely to be successful - they are not for everyone and we ask you to use your best judgment when considering your employees for ditto

  • As an employee we ask that you do not engage with ditto for the purposes of finding external employment opportunities to remain at. We are focussed on secondments being a temporary arrangement to develop your skills and experience to unlock broader career opportunities when returning home. 

  • Do not share information from within the ditto platform with non-members, particularly with other companies or third parties such as agencies

  • Do not assume or make final decisions on behalf of your employees without their agreement - your employee must agree and we want them to be excited by the opportunity to go on secondment via ditto

  • Do not mislead another client or seek to take advantage of them 

  • Do not mistreat or disrespect employees of your company or any other 

  • Do not use threatening or disrespectful language that might cause offense to anyone - remember you are representing your company, whether you are a Client or an Employee 

  • Do not link to any external websites from within the platform 

  • We are a UK only company and all our clients must be based in the UK. Similarly all employees uploaded to the platform must be permanently employed by you in the UK.

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