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Terms & Conditions

Our terms of business are clear and transparent. Our legal team (ex in-house Directors of Employment law) created the terms they would want to receive, read and agree to. Whether you’re a startup doing one secondment a year or a large multinational doing one hundred. Importantly, we are an employee-centric company and we make sure that all people undertaking a secondment through ditto are treated fairly and they know exactly what to expect too.
When signing up to ditto you see our entire talent sharing framework and philosophy upfront. We detail all the “what if” scenarios you might be wondering about and we have no “small print” - it’s quite simple, we do what’s right and what’s fair.
Importantly, all members agree to the same terms of business. This ensures all our members can share talent quickly and easily, with peace of mind they are protected by the same secondment governance, community guidelines and privacy policy. Our members do not need to negotiate with each other and we take all the pain out of the setting up and managing secondments.
Our terms include the Secondment Agreement Template members sign later when sharing. They also include the Employee Secondment Agreement Template for Home Employers to sign when seconding out an employee. This means it can take just minutes to agree on the important things.
If you’d like to join ditto please get in touch
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